The landing pad for the ClimbNet!

It's out of this world.


That backhoe looks like more fun than that wooden thing!


It began as an idea.

Now we have a master plan.

Soon it will be a reality.

Ellie M. thinks big!

She designed this billboard.
(very effective & very clear)

Easy to read on your morning commute.


There is a dedicated account.

The "Calvin Leete Playground Fund".

(GSB is noting deposits.)

It's as easy & friendly as a drive through can be!

Any amount. Any branch. Any time.

Click here for GSB branch locations.

Thank you!


Emily M., (Grade 4) and her little brother, Jack M., (Pre-K),
Logan M., (Grade 4) & Caden M., (Grade 2)

...stocked, built and ran a lemonade, brownie & pretzel stand in New Jersey.

The Low-Tide Lemonade Stand raised $49.00

(Impressed parents invested $201.00)

$250.00 for the playground fund.  So cool!


We have made our first purchase!

(It's a LOT bigger in person!)

We are moving right along!

We have raised over $20,000.00


Grandma & Grandpa Wilson

will soon see Vivian, Chris and Max on a new playground.  

They donated $200.00!

The Mudry Family decided to cash in their coin jar!

They donated $167.29


Donated $5,000.00!

They are dedicated to removing obstacles...

between the disabled and non-disabled.

It's happening.

They heard about the playground and they wanted to help!

They generously donated $10,000.00!

Wow did they help!  Amazing.

Brownie Troop #62166 donated $370.80

at their Veggie, Lemonade & Bake Sale!

Thanks girls - great idea!