The Calvin Leete School PTO is the best!

The Tag Sale, 
Bake Sale
+ Shredding Source
was a success!

$3,700.00 is an amazing donation!

Thank you!!!!

Grandpa Cunningham matched the 3rd Grade Class! $610.00.


Olivia & Aaron teamed up and donated $10.05 

from their lemonade stand!

Very refreshing!

Madden, Sydney and Dulcey

gave away FREE lemonade!

They made $45.19 in tips!

Sweet donation!

Olivia, Sophia, Claire and Kiera

created and sold artwork!

They donated $48.25!

Beautiful work!

Sam A. donated $20.05 to the Playground Fund.

Go Sam!

Claire P. donated $24.00 from her lemonade stand!

Thank you!

Crazy fun!

The 3rd Grade Class raised $610.00!

Excellent job!


We are ready for the BIG playdate!

We have over 50 kids attending!

We have collected $600.00!

We have parents, grandparents and friends matching our final number.  Woohoo!

Just for having a playdate?  That's FUN-tastic!


We can do it!  You can help!

The Calvin Leete School PTO is working hard to raise money for our playground.

The Calvin Leete Students are working hard to raise money too.

Every little bit helps!